Update Log 7

Hello Soldiers,

The past couple of weeks we had some major breaktroughs, this made us able to play the game and test some features with you. We have been working hard on getting everything ready for a big release. Due to some situations in my private life I didn't have the time to spend as much time in this game as I wanted. Luckily for us we have Overflow aboard on our team who has been making great progress.

This post is just to test some features in the launcher but I still wanted to give you all a little heads up. I am back and we are stronger then ever. Hope to give you more good news soon Wink

Update Log 7

  • Added Weapon modifications which are the bullet mark and the weapon enchant

  • Added emblem effect usage (can be bought from item shop)

  • Permname and fakename usage

  • Showing Wins/Loses in Lobby

  • Fixed issues with new accounts and Type C/D

  • Fixed issue with stats

  • SP Coupons usage was implemented.

  • Major fix for the Rejoining in a single and a teambattle

  • Test multiple logins

  • Emblem effect issue with rooms disappearing

  • Identify disconnections

  • !help command displays all the server commands

  • Buying cash weapons now works.

  • Handling second config (Control B)

  • Solved issue with being able to start and getting autokicked at the same time